Alaska Bear Hunting With Arctic North Guides

Alaska still holds sway over the imagination as a place where the frontier ends and wild places begin. These are the locales where legends have been born, but up here, it remains a reality. Forays into the Alaskan wilderness immerse intrepid adventurers in the unspoiled landscape of the north, where man’s presence is scarce revealed.

Alaska bear hunting in the Brooks Range - GrizzlyBrown Bear Season

Alaska Bear hunting with Arctic North Guides is an opportunity to journey into the wilds of America’s largest state and experience first-hand a place where legends are still made. From the arctic tundra of the Brooks Range, to the towering peaks of the Alaska Range, and the rich coastal regions of the Alaskan Peninsula, our hunts are unrivaled in sheer size and scope.

We offer bear hunting trips for both grizzly and brown bear from mountain slopes to rugged shorelines. By focusing on a limited number of high-quality hunts each year, we ensure guests an unforgettable experience and an unparalleled rate of success.

Personalized Bear Hunts

With over 30 years of Alaska bear hunting guides experience, we have refined our guiding service to cater to a wide variety of client needs and desires. We understand that every guest is different, but expectations always run high. Because of this, all of our hunts focus on quality. We are proud of our consistent results in guiding hunters toward trophy bears, no matter the time of year.

By hiring the best personnel, and utilizing the most modern gear and equipment, we maintain a standard of excellence that will impress the most seasoned enthusiast. It is this standard that allows us to personalize all of our hunts to individual or group needs. For many, an Alaska bear hunt adventure is the pinnacle of big game hunts in the Americas, and we strive to live up to these high expectations.

Alaska Bear Hunts

Why we are the Right Alaska Bear Hunting Guides for you:

We are proud to offer guided hunt excursions for both brown and grizzlies. The differences between our various hunts are as wide as the mighty state itself. Finding the right hunt for you can be as simple as browsing our website to ascertain which would be most appealing and convenient. If you have questions concerning your hunt, simple call us and we can help narrow down the choices.

alaska bear hunting fall-bearsAll of our hunts can be combined with other packages, for wild game such as caribou, moose, Dall sheep, and even fishing and duck hunts. Time of year and location always plays a role, but we will strive to adapt as best we can. Preparedness is key to success in the field, so it’s important to be familiar with the ins and outs of your particular trip well ahead of time.

The investment in our operation is significant. We operate our own aircraft, snow machines, ATVs, and everything else in between, both great and small. All of our personnel are seasoned Alaskans with a knowledge of the land and a love for the sport. Guiding in the Alaskan wilderness is often hard work, and it’s a role we don’t take lightly. You will find out for yourself that all of our hunts are designed around at attitude of confidence – confidence that can only come with a perfect combination of knowledge and experience.

Alaska is still a place where legends are made – a place where the great denizens of the land still roam freely, and to hunt them is to set foot in a truly wild place. At Arctic North Guides we have been providing guests with an unparalleled wilderness experience for decades. Our Alaska bear hunting trips are the stuff of legend, and we are looking forward to sharing this experience with those who seek to create their own.

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